x25 eSports is the second invited League of Legends team to Vip Adria League!
Less than a week ago we announced the first League of Legends team. We are now back with the second team that gets straight to the group stage!


Undoubtedly one of the most active teams within the Adriatic region, x25 eSports is the second team who gets to go straight to the group stage of the VIP Adria League. As a community dedicated to gaming and eSports, x25 couldn’t stay away from the competitive League of Legends scene, which they joined a little over a year ago. Additionally, the Serbian organization also features gaming teams in CS:GO and Hearthstone as well. Not only that, but the organization has a huge agenda of activities, as they do  offer a Fantasy Center which deals with fantasy games and leagues while at the same time their talent scouting division always keeps an eye on new promising players that have what it takes to achieve in competitive gaming!

Team Background

X25 have exhibited an extremely consistent performance and appearance within a number of eSports events, including the 3rd Season of the Fortuna Championship where they did manage to grab the bronze medal! Apart from that, the Serbians do also compete in European events as well where their results do seem promising, with the most recent one being their first place finish at ESL Go4LoL EU Nordic & East Cup #360. Will x25 manage to upset the current Adriatic rankings and get the title?

In his closing statement the team’s manager, Đorđe Spasić, left us with his hope to see his fellas end up at least at the top 3 of the VIP Adria League!

Team Roster: 

  • TOP: Andrija "Klowny" Jovanović 
  • Jungler: Dušan "Ryuzaki" Petković 
  • MID: Nemanja "Akiles" Radaković
  • AD Carry: Miljan "Plox" Mandić
  • Support: Mladen "Clox" Mitić 
  • Substitute: Pavle "Last King" Nikolić 
  • Manager: Đorđe Spasić

Every Saturday we announce a new invited team in both League of Legends and CS:GO. If you want to contest a part of the 10,000€, keep in mind that the open qualifiers are still open and waiting for you and your team to join!