Vip Adria League Week #2 LoL Recap
Week 2 of VIP Adria League has been completed. Crvena Zvezda and KlikTech emerged victorious, wining 2-0 and 2-1, respectively. Let us have a more detailed look on how these two teams got to their wins.

Ancestral vs Crevna Zvezda 0-2

Right before Game 1, CVZ, being on the red side chose not to ban Lulu or Kalista. It is common knowledge that in this state of the meta, this particular botlane has the most powerful synergy. Although, ANC, prioritized into banning tanks, thus targeting the top lane, they left open Xayah and Rakan. Firstpicking the “Spear of Vengeance” was answered by the “Love Duo” but Lulu never followed. Having ardent censer against a team comp that does not, is probably a game winning advantage. 

KlikTech vs Bontech 2-1

Going into Game 1, both teams focused more to the botlane. A successful four-man bot gang gave the advantage and the map control of the early game to BT. However, KT’s ability to force great teamfights proved to be of crucial importance to the game. BT’s strong and steady early game gave them the opportunity to fight their way back to the driver’s seat. To the fights that followed, highlighting the 30th minute mark, KT were unable to lock down Xayah, letting the enemy adc practically free hitting the whole enemy team. 

In game 2 A strong and dominating laning phase by KT, sealed their advantage, bring the gold difference to 4k gold. KT’s snowball for the rest of the game couldn’t have been stopped by BT’s resistance. A 9/0/0 Syndra knocked BT’s front door with Baron Buff and active herald at 23 minutes, tearing down 2 inhibitors. BT last fight wasn’t even close to “enough” with KlikTech bringing the series to 1 to 1.

Looking forward to completing the reverse seep, KlikTech had again a strong and decent laning phase. It was obvious to everyone that Bontech’s concentration was damaged and their communication a bit shattered. They couldn’t capitalize on the persistence of KT on taking down the mid turret without the correct wave management or the early game oversteps by kaLuGG. An extended skirmish at 17 minutes that turned into a 5v5 teamfight was what KlitTech were looking for. Wining the teamfight in two fronts, around the baron and the red buff area, gave KT 5k gold advantage. Bontech tried to fight their way back to the game, but unfortunately they never delivered, letting KT secure the baron buff (23 minutes) and three minutes later end the series 2 to 1. 

ASUS ROG Elite vs RUR esports 1-2

Our gaming week commenced with a really interesting matchup. ASUS Elite faced RUR eSports, in a best of 3 series that needed a third game to decide who would be the winner.

RUR came into the series with a really strong early game. Their proactive jungler, Bellamy, repeatedly ganged the top lane, making Cho-gath’s comeback a really hard task to be accomplished. Their excellent laning phase fleshed their objective control out, allowed them to control the map in terms of vision.

Nonetheless, Chopsteeks missteps and bad positioning, along with RUR’s difficulty to close out the games, gave the opportunity to ASUS to fight their way back into the games. Elite’s great teamfighting ability created some space to act and take back the lead in game 1. Nevertheless, personal mistakes in terms of positioning and peeling allowed RUR to win that single crucial teamfight and to end the game.

ASUS managed to bounce back by bringing Trundle back to the top lane. Despite Bellamy’s patience and creative jungle pathing, Trundle was unstoppable getting into the mid game, thus giving Elite squad the opportunity to make a demonstration on how to end a game fast and dominant.

In game 3, early game’s mistakes, from the side of ASUS, highlighted RUR’s path to victory. Keeping up their great early game performance, RUR advanced their vision deep into Elite’s jungle, before the 10 minute mark. ASUS effort to ward around objectives, or even force them, bounced back with force, with RUR winning almost every single fight. Their difficulty to stall a game when they fall short, made them to force fights and eventually lose the series 2 to 1.

X25 MARVO esports vs Sigurno Sigurno 2-0

The series that followed the ASUS vs RUR consisted with a lot of action and teamfighting. X25 reigned supreme against 2S, winning by 2-0.

In the first 10 minutes of game 1, x25 looked way more confident than 2S. Games were looking close, although they never really were. X25 had the full control, not letting the lead leave their hands. 2S tried to come back, after a rough laning phase and a pretty difficult early game, by forcing fights, especially skirmishes before spawning objectives. Marvo were ready and made those particular plays to fire back into 2S’s gameplay. The games could be way more faster, but x25 chose to answer to 2Ss calls instead of making their own active moves. One way or the other, they managed to close out the games in style and take the clean sheet.

Written by Kostas Soropoulos