Thoughts of an editor: The league opening
Some thoughts regarding the opening qualifiers of the Vip Adria League.

The Vip Adria League open qualifiers are set to start on Saturday, August 19 at 16:00 CEST and everyone behind the scenes is on the ball to have everything prepared and ready to go on time. Up until now 17 CS:GO and 19 League of Legends teams have signed up for the first open qualifiers, proving once again the potential hidden within the Adriatic region.

Within the vast sea of players and talents, it can become extremely difficult – if not impossible – to spot talents and teams that have the potential to become worldwide phenomena. Baby steps to the top is what players and teams need to take in order to start making a name of their own, and that’s exactly what open qualifiers are used for. Especially when open qualifiers are held on a regional level, proving your worth is a bit easier, as your chances to shine are higher than competing in worldwide level online qualifiers.


As it stands right now, Serbia has the highest chances to be represented with an additional team at the CS:GO group stage as 6 out of the 17 teams competing at the first open qualifier, wave its flag. Albania and Croatia are the immediate runner-ups in this game of chances with 3 and 4 participating teams each.

Who to keep an eye on

The Croatian team Locastic Open has been performing consistently throughout the ESL CS:GO 2017 Open Summer League. Their 3rd place finish at their group, got them to the online playoffs where following their two clear 2-0 victories against ESU and Re-Coded eSports, are looking confident and strong enough to bring this momentum at the Vip Adria League as well.

League of Legends

Compared to CS:GO the variety of nationalities competing in League of Legends is extremely one sided, as Croatia holds the Lion’s share. Out of the 19 signed up teams, 14 of them wave the flag of Croatia, while the remaining 5 are split amongst Serbia (3), Macedonia (1) and of multinational roots (1).

Who to keep an eye on

With their big brothers already invited into the league, x25 eSports academy is looking strong enough to earn a spot in the group stage. Their almost flawless performance at the #350 EUNE Go4LoL in combination with their 3rd-4th place finish at May’s Go4 finals are indicators of their capabilities.

Don't forget that there will be a total of 4 available qualifiers in both CS:GO and League of Legends for you to take part! Find out more here.