Road to the Group Stage: Sigurno Sigurno
Sigurno Sigurno is the penultimate finalist that gets to join Belgrade Eyes, BonTech and the 4 invitees at the group stage!

Despite the fact that this week’s open qualifier was heavily populated by the two neighbors, Serbia and Croatia, a multinational team was the star of the day. Sigurno Sigurno, a multinational team with players originating from Serbia, Croatia and the UK, managed through a series of relatively fast games to steal the show and eventually crown themselves winners of the 3rd League of Legends Open Qualifier.


Up until the finals, the squad rushed through every team with an average game time of 22 minutes, thus making them one of the fastest winning teams of the Open Qualifiers up to this point. At the finals, the squad faced the three times participant and two times finalist, Evolution Online, in an amazing Bo3. For a second time, Evolution Online did snatch the first game but unfortunately for them, Sigurno Sigurno proved to be their strongest opponents and got the next two games.

Their win did come as no surprise to anyone, since they are comprised of some of the best players of the region. GromTarantul competed with Mistiga Crew in seasons 2 and 3 of the Fortuna Championship Series, while Stefan Nikolic played for one of the strongest teams of the Adriatic, Instinct eSports, with which they won the 1st season of the League of Legends Greek Championship as well as seasons 2 and 3 of the Fortuna Championship Series. Despite all though, the squad is a young team which was constructed for the sole purpose of competing at the Vip Adria League. What is left to be determined is whether solo experience will be enough to get them through the Group Stage and the Live Finals!

With 10,000€ up for grabs, the last spot for the Group Stage is now less than two weeks away. If you believe you have what it takes, sign-up on our last open qualifier, this Saturday!