Road to the Group Stage: Ancestral LoL
The 4th and final open qualifier is now well behind us and brought us Ancestral to the Group Stage which starts next Tuesday!

The Open Qualifiers are now finished and what a ride it has been. We’ve seen well-established teams getting eliminated while newly born teams getting their tickets to the group stage, which is set to start next Tuesday.

Much alike the majority of our Open Qualifier winners, Ancestral is a newly formed League of Legends team, comprised of young and talented players, willing to make an impact in the competitive League of Legends scene. The team slashed through their first matches quite easily since their average game time didn’t exceed the 25minute mark. Interestingly enough, when compared to the other finalists, it can be seen that all of them share roughly the same average game time, while also 3 of the 4 finalists shared the same opponent, Evolution Online.

Once again the Macedonian team, Evolution Online, fought their way to the finals but unfortunately they weren’t strong enough to beat Ancestral and receive a slot to the group stage. Nonetheless, EON didn’t surrender easily, as they did snatched game 2 out of Ancestral’s hands and sent the series to a decider game, where Ancestral proved superior and claimed their slot to the next stage!

Even though the Open Qualifiers are now over, the action is just about to start. The Group Stage is set to start next week so stay tuned and watch out for your favourite team performance!