Kliktech is the fourth invited League of Legends team to Vip Adria League!
Behold our last invitation for the League of Legends iteration of the Vip Adria League!

Team Introduction

The invite to Kliktech should hardly come as a surprise to anyone. Despite being the youngest team in the League, Kliktech LoL is formed by some of the most well-known Adriatic and Balkan League of Legends players. Milica, Sacre and Tasteless have been previously playing with Instinct eSports, while EdinPriqtel was a member of the Bulgarian superstars, GPlay.bg. The addition of kaluGG to the Adriatic Dream team concluded the formation of Kliktech.

Team Background

Each and every individual comprising Kliktech LoL has conquered a number of titles and top place finishes within their 4 year competitive League of Legends experience. To start off with, the most recent achievement of the ex-Instinct players is their bronze medal finish at the 2nd season of the League of Legends Greek Championship, while they also obtained the golden medal at the inaugural season of the Greek Championship. The individuals hold numerous other 1st place finishes such as, the 2nd season of the Fortuna Champion series, the 2016 Reboot Infogamer, the 2017 Hgspot in Zagreb, the 2017 Adria masters and the lists keeps going on and on.

Interestingly enough, the Instinct trio and the former Gplay.bg support -now AD for Kliktech, EdinPriqtel, found themselves contesting for the same spot quite some times in the past, thus making this fusion even tighter. What is left to be determined is whether individual talent can be sufficient enough to lead to the players binding together and subsequently get them to the top.

Coming in the league as the favorites, Kliktech’s manager, Antonio Horvatinović, stated that his expectations judging from the players’ previous achievements are nothing less than being the golden spot finishers!

Team Roster

  • Toni "Sacre" Sabalić
  • Luka "kaluGG" Todorović
  • Aljoša "Milica" Kovandžić
  • Dimitar "EdinPriqtel" Piskov
  • Igor "Tasteless" Radusinović

The invitation to Kliktech wraps up the cycle of the group stage invitation for the VIP Adria League. Keep in mind that if you want to contest a part of the 10,000€ this November in Zagreb, you can still signup for one of our four open qualifiers.