ESL AU & NZ Championship Rocket League Finals head to IEM Sydney

You already know the when, you already know the where and you already know the GAME, but now we’ve got all the rest of the juicy details to complete the epic news that Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney will host the ESL AU & NZ Championship Rocket League Finals!

In case you missed it... we were thrilled to announce the inclusion of a community stage to IEM Sydney, hosting multiple esports titles played on stage and a free-play area for all, an array of Australian esports will be on display including the ESL AU & NZ Season 1 2017 Rocket League Finals taking stage first on Saturday!

Prize Pool:

We’ve announced that there is a total $27,500 prize pool up for grabs in Season 1 across all 3 titles of the ESL AU & NZ Championship, so let’s breakdown how that money falls into place for Rocket League:

Rocket League - $7,500 Prize Pool

  1. $3,000AUD
  2. $2,000AUD
  3. $1,500AUD
  4. $1,000AUD 


The Format for the ESL AU & NZ Championship Rocket League Final is a 4 team Double Elimination Bracket. Teams will be seeded based on their results from League Play, where 1st seed will verse 4th seed and 2nd seed will verse 3rd seed, then the bracket will play out until completion and 1 team is crowned Champion.


Rocket League will take the stage first at the Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney community stage, kicking off Saturday morning and wrapping up Saturday afternoon. The full schedule for the ESL AU & NZ Championship Rocket League final at IEM Sydney will be released over the coming days. Stay tuned for an update not only on Rocket League, but all games that the community stage will host at IEM Sydney!

How to attend:

The $59 Saturday ticket will grant you access to Qudos Bank Arena, allowing you to watch the entirety of the Rocket League finals as well as all the epic CS:GO action unfolding in the main area. If you have already bought either a Saturday ticket or a weekend ticket, you are set! You will also get access to opening signing sessions with pro players and/or talents if you're a CS:GO fan. You can grab your choice of ticket here.