CS:GO Season 2 Finals - Team Ruling

This past month, we announced that the ESL AU&NZ Championship finals for Season 2 were to return home to the ESL Studios in Sydney. For those CS:GO fans following the action, we announced that the event would feature a four-team, Single Elimination event, broadcasted live on http://twitch.tv/esl_csgo.

Unfortunately, one of the teams competing, Athletico - is no longer able to attend the event, making us short one team for the finals. Due to this, the spot has been passed on and offered to the next qualified team. However, due to the short notice, they are also unable to attend the event, leaving us with only three teams.

As it is no longer feasible to invite further teams from the seasons rankings, both from a tournament perspective and the timeframe towards the event, the event will proceed forward with three teams. The prize money that would be issued for fourth place will be split evenly amongst the three remaining teams, adding to their total prize earnings.

As Kings GC are the first seeded team, they will proceed straight into the Grand Final for the ESL AU&NZ Championship 2017 Season 2 Finals. Avant-Garde and Legacy eSports will play out in the Semi-Finals of the event, competing in a best of three series. The format for the Grand Final has now been adjusted to be a best of five series.

Everyone’s welcome to come down to the ESL AU&NZ Championship finals, simply grab your ticket via our Eventbrite Page and enjoy a weekend packed with some of the best Rocket League & CS:GO action that Australia has to offer. Tickets cover general entry for a singular day/session. The ESL Studio will also have a bunch of team merchandise, food, and drinks available for purchase on both days.