Announcing our third season of the ESL AU&NZ Championship for 2017!
The premier esports league in Australia & New Zealand returns with CS:GO as the AU&NZ portion of the ZEN League and a new title for this season, League of Legends.

After a year filled with highlights, it’s time for the ESL AU&NZ Championships to charter some unexplored territory in our final season for 2017 with League of Legends joining the ranks of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and Rocket League as a main title.

League of Legends

We’re incredibly excited to announce League of Legends as an official title for The ESL AU&NZ Championships, Season 3 2017.

Commencing from Saturday the 16th of September and running over the course of 6 weeks, teams of all skill and ability will be able to enter and compete across 4 open cups, with the top 2 teams from each cup progressing through to an online finals series.

The online finals will be played as a single elimination bracket with the top teams from the online cups to be joined by invited teams from the OPL.

The top four teams from the online finals will be invited to the ESL Studios Sydney in November where they will compete in a two day finals event in front of a live studio audience to determine who takes the lion's share of the $10,000 prize pool.

LoL Cup #1: Saturday 16th September
LoL Cup #2: Sunday 4th September
LoL Cup #3 Sunday 1st October
LoL Cup #4 Sunday 8th October
Online Finals Sunday 15th October

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We’re excited to announce for Season 3, The ESL AU&NZ Championship will act as the local portion of the ESL ZEN League which hosts the top 6 teams in Australia and New Zealand.

Six of the best Australian & New Zealand teams (Chiefs, Grayhound, Athletico, Tainted Minds, Kings and Legacy) will battle it out in a Best of 2 League format kicking off on the 12th of September through to the 12th of October. With a $30,000 prize pool up for grabs, the final four teams (2 from AU&NZ and 2 from Asia) will play in a LAN finals with the Grand Final to be played out on the PAX Arena Stage at PAX AUS 2017 (Melbourne, 27th-29th October).

For more information, head over to the ZEN League announce HERE.

Rocket League

A mainstay title of the ESL AU&NZ Championships since Season 1, Rocket League will return for Season 3 with another $7500 prize pool up for grabs.

Teams of all skill levels and abilities will have an opportunity to take part in the competition with 2 open qualifiers commencing on the 16th of September. The top teams from the qualifying stages (8 from Qualifier 1 and 6 from Qualifier 2) along with our semi-finalists from Season 2 will be invited to the final Invitational Qualifier.

The Invitational will be played on the 25th of September to determine the top 6 teams who will make it to the league.

The league will consist of 8 teams, 6 from the Invitational Qualifier and the 2 Grand Finalists from Season 2 and commence from the 26th of September through to the 7th of November.

The top four teams at the conclusion of the 7 weeks will take part in a LIVE finals series that will be played at ESL Studios, Sydney in November.

RL Open Qualifier #1: Saturday 16th September
RL Open Qualifier #2: Saturday 23rd September